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The Microsoft Azure platform is a leading player in cloud-based storage solutions.  It allows businesses to build and deploy as well as manage their applications through the immense power of the worldwide network of Microsoft data centers.

With our Azure-based cloud solutions, you can save money on the cost of infrastructure whilst at the same time reducing your maintenance costs and burdens as well as your hardware issues. And since Azure cloud services offer a structure which is scalable combined with pricing that is pay as you go, you can more efficiently manage your financial resources as well – you’re only paying for what you really need.

There’s no doubt that Azure is designed with a singular focus and attention on security, as it follows the security model DADSC, or Detect, Assess, Diagnose, Stabilize, and Close. And this, combined with tougher controls, has allowed the platform to achieve many certifications on compliance, effectively making it a leader
when it comes to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) security.

The most common myth associated with cloud services
such as Microsoft Office 365 or Azure, which can offer you solutions that include Office 365 journaling, cloud business intelligence, and Azure archive storage, among others. Bear in mind that the cloud is never – and will never be – an ‘all or
nothing’ solution. There are many firms which have opted for hybrid cloud storage solutions, for example, where only a few applications and data have been migrated to the cloud.

Even though you can actually see your equipment and systems on-site, this doesn’t mean that you have full control over them. Your data’s physical location is not as important as how it is accessed.  In fact, in regard to data, a lot of good cloud
services such as the Azure cloud service will provide you with complete control over the data you have. What’s more, cloud solutions provide better control in terms of redundancy, scalability, and security.

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