Cloud Dominance

Our goal is to help our clients get off premise and into the cloud as quickly and painlessly as possible while maintaining all the “feel good” features that they currently love having on-premise. Simply put, we want to help our clients obtain cloud dominance.

When I asked clients why they hesitate to adopt moving to the cloud, most of them like the idea of moving to the cloud yet felt some uncertainty and loss of control in doing so. Let me help you set the record straight. Technology is a tool. It is meant to help make our lives better and easier.

Are you hesitant to replace your old home thermostat with a new cloud based app which allows you to control the temperature from anywhere and at any time? Are you really uncomfortable with technology, or are you just concerned that you will lose the feeling of control over your information?

What if I told you that by shifting your thought process, not only would we be able to keep you in control of your technology but we would help you achieve total dominance over all your stored data? Taking advantage of new technology not only makes your life easier, it makes you more valuable in the market.

IT managers that refuse to move with the times are not going to prevent the movement, they are going to be left behind.

At LiquidData Systems, we not only help you achieve your goals, we will help you exceed them. We can move all your data to the cloud in the fastest time possible as well as provide you with the technology to respond to any search request that comes your way, once your data is in the cloud. We can also give you assurance that your environment will be online 24x7x365 and have multiple backup/fail-over redundancies.

All this while reducing your on-premise information management and storage costs by as much as 90 percent! There are so many benefits to moving to the cloud.

Send an email to info@liquiddatasystems.com or go to our website to learn how you can achieve cloud dominance. www.liquiddatasystems.com

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