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Azure Archive Storage and File Share. Safeguard Your Data. 
Reduce Storage Costs By 76-87%.

Cloud - Azure File Share Archiving Solutions

The Benefits of Azure-Based Archiving

The Benefits of Azure-Based Archiving

Safeguards your data assets against malware and ransomware.

Reduces storage costs by 76-87%.

Offloads primary storage, allowing you to avoid or defer buying new storage.

Simplifies and augments your backup and disaster recovery.

Streamlines your litigation and investigation scenarios.

Satisfies legal and compliance requirements for data retention.

Enables you to efficiently and defensibly manage unstructured data assets.

Free Up Space,
Save Money

Our solution acts as an extension to your on premise file share.

seamlessly moving your low-touch or inactive data to Microsoft Azure cloud

free up space in your on-premise environment

low-cost, scalable cloud storage

alleviate ongoing annual storage purchases

solution for on premise file share

How do our file archiving solutions differ?

Secure data access with cloud storage security

  • Data classification
  • Powerful encryption
  • Access rights synchronization
  • Easily recover files from ransomware
  • Seamless identity access management

Cloud discovery with fully-managed search

  • On-demand indexing
  • Intelligent search
  • Powerful data analysis
  • Search audio and video transcripts
  • Native storage and eDiscovery

Shift expenditures from CapEx to OpEx

  • SaaS model is subscription based, therefore redefining how costs are allocated
  • Lowers the need for additional hardware or infrastructure to support increased storage
  • No hardware failures or patching of environments

Pay-as-you-grow pricing model

  • Zero lock-in
  • No set-up or start-up costs
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Month-to month compute costs
  • No cancellation fees
  • Azure price protection

Global scale-out architecture.

  • Open archive in the cloud
  • Archive in your own Azure
  • Long-term retention
  • No additional hardware
  • Use existing storage infrastructure
  • Extend your storage infrastructure

Meet compliance with integrated data governance

  • Built-in data classification
  • SEC WORM compliance
  • Policy-based tiering
  • Support unlimited data types
  • Automatic retention and disposition policies

Intelligent cloud archiving

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure with our data management layer to harness the full potential of the cloud. Our highly secure intelligent cloud archiving SaaS solution uses an innovative approach to maximize cloud storage without disrupting users or applications. You maintain control of your information to extend your on-premise backup storage and data archiving platforms. See how to achieve efficiency and scalability in your own Azure environment with our open-standard, intelligent enterprise archive solutions that are built on Azure services.

azure archiving and low-cost, scalable cloud storage

alleviate ongoing annual storage purchases

LiquidData Systems offers solutions that provide low-cost, scalable cloud storage as an extension to on-premise file shares seamlessly moving your low-touch or inactive data to Microsoft Azure and freeing up space in your on-premise environment.

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