Azure-based journaling solutions.  Archive with scalable storage and search to support legal and regulatory requirements. 

Low-Cost. Convenient.

Office 365 Journal Archiving with Zero Lock-in Pricing.​

Fully Managed SMPT Journaling in Azure

Hosted in any Azure region

Fast search results at scale

Intelligent data management

WORM compliant storage

Azure AD integration

Office 365 storage

Office 365 Mail and Journal Archiving

Office 365 users can now journal archive using Microsoft Azure as a platform for an elastic journal archive and search.  LiquidData’s professionally managed implementation services allow for compliance journal archiving and fast, easy discovery in Microsoft Azure.

A Complete Office 365 Journaling Solution that Works




Our solution fixes the pitfalls of both on premise email archives and cloud archives.

 You get solutions that are extremely scalable, but at a low cost, with a customizable policy-scoped indexing.   We make getting your data in and out of the platform easy and there are NO CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENTS.

In the case of Office 365, you do not have to enable Legal Hold across your entire tenant and can reserve that functionality for only the mailboxes that should have it.

Best of all, you get powerful eDiscovery capabilities regardless of what your license level is in Office 365!

Office 365 Journaling Simplified

Expert guidance customized for your business.

how Simplicity works - Office 365 Storage

Establish SMTP Servers to capture messages in EML format from Exchange or Office 365 and write them to file storage

Message queue captures the messages on the SMTP server with envelope processing

Messages sent via the virtual cloud gateway to Azure

powerful Search with Fast Results at Scale, any message field, body and attachments

Intelligent Cloud Data Management

  • Immutable storage
  • Legal hold
  • GDPR cases
  • Case access rights
  • Auditing
  • Encryption
  • Export to .PST file(s)
  • Export to mailbox(es)
  • Export metadata
  • WORM compliance storage
  • Powerful Search features
  • Reporting

Azure-based Journal Archive Solution

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Office 365 journaling solution ?

Whether your business already requires journaling or is considering it, and whether your messaging environment currently resides on Exchange or in Office 365, our compliance journal archive solution can address these needs in an extremely flexible and cost effective way and deploys in a matter of hours.

What is Journaling ?

When you journal messages, you’re sending copies of messages that come in and out of your environment to a separate mailbox or feed independent of the delivery to the intended mailbox. This ensures that your organization will have a copy of any message, regardless of what the end user does with it. In combination with third-party on premise or Cloud services, it’s a powerful mechanism for maintaining compliance under most federal regulations, or just as a backup to provide another copy of a message for future restoration purposes.

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