Data Assessments for Cloud Onboarding

Data Assessments to Maximize On-Premise and Cloud Environments

Support Your Information Management Decisions with an Expert Assessment

LiquidData will assess your current environment and provide recommendations to maximize your on-premise infrastructure and leverage cloud storage with an information management layer to secure, search, and retrieve your data easily.   

Data Assessments

Office 365

In order to get the most out of your Office 365 subscription, it’s important that it is implemented correctly, and important that all of your information is migrated fully (mailboxes, email archives, SharePoint, Public Folders, etc.). If your systems are not prepared and in optimal working conditions, you may run into problems, which can slow down user-adoption and productivity.


Companies with older archive solutions risk unforeseen problems that arise if the archive has not been maintained over the years, by either the vendor or the company. If neglected, the archive may require years of overdue routine maintenance, product upgrades and remediation, which can lead to unnecessary eDiscovery costs and problematic migrations. The purpose of this assessment is to uncover issues ahead of time so your data is readily accessible when needed.

public folder migrations

Public Folder

When moving to the cloud, you need to consider how you’re going to migrate your organization’s public folders. LiquidData provides the only easy-to-use migration solution for your public folders, transitioning them into Office 365 or Exchange Online without user downtime! Other public folder migration approaches are buggy, script-based, and unreliable, often resulting in problems that require you to start again, or even worse, cause downtime in the source public folders. Read more about our Public Folder Migration solution.


  • Start With a Free Expert Consultation Where We Review Your Infrastructure and the Efficiency of Your Current Environment.
  • Get Expert Recommendations For Improvements and Available Solutions Before Making Any New Investments.
  • Collaborate With Certified Experts and Engineers to Create a Plan For Meeting Your Business and IT Needs.
  • If You're Ready to Move Forward, Our Experts Will Help Guide Your Personalized Implementation Plan From Inception to Completion.

What people say. . .

Working with LiquidData Systems totally simplified our Public Folder migration and streamlined the process. The Project Manager was extremely instrumental in working side-by-side with their solution vendor, leveraging their development and customer success teams for additional knowledge and support. . . seeing how they worked together as a team, was impressive. They pretty much nailed it!
Chris W.
Senior Systems Specialist - Burns & McDonnell
I really was impressed with how dedicated everyone on the LiquidData team was to make sure my timeline was met. Each person on the project understood the goal at hand and worked diligently through the process to make it happen. I cannot thank you enough for that!

Kevin S.
satisfied client

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