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Email, SharePoint data, public folders and shared files…archived messages and journaled emails…stubs, big data, small data, video content, audio files, storage, legal requirements and retention policies…What do all of these have in common? Frustration and headaches; am I right?

Managing repositories and keeping data systems updated can be quite a laborious task. We haven’t even scratched the surface on the frustration levels you get when a request from legal, for eDiscovery, to search against the vast seas of data you have stored in your separate systems. The data industry has been turned upside down with the concept of having to store everything you possibly can. Costs are sky-rocketing and the world seems to be more complex, not less, with its demands and standards being thrown at you.

Being able to not only store everything in the cloud, but now having technology in place to search it all at your fingertips through one simple and seamless tool working in conjunction with Azure in your O365 tenant. It is a novel concept that seems to be something that should have existed, but hasn’t, until now!

Imagine with me, for a moment, if you will, a world in which you are able to not only have your hardware managed and monitored by Microsoft and no longer have to worry about down time or security….but also, be able to search quickly and easily against all the data you have stored up there! To be able to meet compliance and maintain all the best parts of your archive and journal policies, along with retention and disposition policies, but not have to worry about any of the downsides any more of maintaining the systems or handling growth. The ability to store, index, search, and eDiscover all your data, from one central interface saves time and money. No more expensive eDiscovery firms or tools to run lengthy searches, no more separation. And the best part…video and audio content will have full text transcription. When you do a text search against a video or audio file, the results will take you to the that time location of the file and show you the video along with a full text transcription of the entire audio track.

The dawn of cloud data storage management has arrived! To learn more about our “File Found” solution contact LiquidData Systems.

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