Finding Data: The Path to Business Intelligence Cloud Archiving

I’m just as guilty as anyone. I have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures that I’ve taken over the years. My old phones have become the epitaph of my life stored away in their memory. Files on my old computers each labeled by month and year. Inside each little golden file nugget lay precious information…. or shall I say…precious data. This is of course being just a personal use case that has recently been alleviated by cloud technology. We can now backup our precious memories to cloud storage for safe keeping. With that said, much of my old devices and data have not been backed up.  Much of my information and memories are still sitting out there.

Such is the case with company data sitting out there. Somewhere, some poor soul is burdened with sorting through and hoping to fulfill the ever-changing data retention policies along with the associated requests for searching. Hours, if not days, can be spent looking for a certain piece of information. I can see that individual now asking: “when will there be a better way?”.

Our answer at LiquidData Systems is: YES, THERE IS!

Using state of the art software, we are able to interface directly with Microsoft Azure. This technology combined with our years of archival and migration experience allow us the ability to consult and set up your cloud environment and move your data to Microsoft Azure hot or cold storage. Due to the use of flexible blob storage your data footprint grows as you need it. That translates into saved dollars…you only pay for what you use.

Microsoft Azure provides a scalable environment, safely and the securely. Unfortunately, Azure in and of itself doesn’t solve search needs.

Imagine if you could harness the power of Azure and combine it with a state of the art search tool. You’d have the perfect winning combination, right?

This is why we’re so excited. Our SaaS software interfaces and pulls directly from Azure creating the perfect synergy for data discovery. There are countless use cases and countless industries that can utilize this cloud infrastructure to orchestrate their Business Intelligence.  No longer does this data need to sit idle and be neglected.  It now has a home where your business can index, search, discover, and most importantly use it.

Reach out to LiquidData for your Business Intelligence Cloud Archiving needs!

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