Frequently Asked Questions on 365 Journaling

Still confused about Office 365 Journaling? Have no fear! We’ve laid out this handy guide of frequently asked questions to help you out.

We have received many questions about Journaling in Office 365. It is one of the more complicated and unusual functions the program has to offer.

To save you the hassle of trying to decipher it for yourself, here is a handy FAQ guide to help you understand everything you could possibly ever want to know about journaling!

What is 365 Journaling?

Journaling is creating an archive of all emails sent between certain recipients. You can set up a journaling inbox to hold archived copies for everyone within your company if you need to, or you could set it up so it is just catching the messages of certain high-profile individuals.

Why Do I Need 365 Journaling?

Many companies choose to use journaling for compliance purposes. Journaling provides a complete digital paper trail of all parts of the conversation between two parties. It is retained even if one or both parties choose to delete the messages and can only be retrieved in a very specific way.

Therefore, journaling is often used to account for certain data trails in the event of a court appearance. Whether your business is taking someone to court or acting as the defense, journaling can provide some crucial evidence to prove your side of the case to be true.

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Do I Need Office 365 for Journaling?

When examining Microsoft’s various payment plans, you may notice that two options stand out to you as a business owner; Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Online. The component you need for journaling is Microsoft Exchange Online so if you are already happy with your current services, this is the only software you need to get.

However, Microsoft Exchange Online is included in the package for Office 365. If you are looking to upgrade your Microsoft experience to overhaul your infrastructure and access the latest software, you may want to opt for Office 365. Amongst the many useful tools, you will find Microsoft Exchange Online and with it the settings for journaling.

How Do I Activate Journaling in Microsoft Exchange Online?

Office 365 journaling is one of the easiest to activate. The first thing you will need is a mailbox which is completely separate from the ones used by your company, for example one under a separate domain name.

You then need to head to your Office 365 Exchange Center and look for the compliance settings. Enter the mailbox domain here and it can start to receive the journal reports. This is also where you can choose specific employees or clients whose conversations will be sent on the journaling archive.

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Is Journaling Compatible With 3rd Party Software?

Do you work in an office with a mixture of Microsoft and Apple technologies? There are many businesses which use both operating systems for their daily tasks. It is foolish to limit your team’s ability to work by denying them the easier technology or more intuitive software but you also need to ensure that the technology fulfils all the requirements you need as a manager or business owner.

If you have an Apple computer, you can still archive your emails through the use of a third-party software. This means that you can still keep track of everyone’s messages no matter what kind of device they initially came from. It can even be used for emails routed through smartphones. No matter whether you prefer PC, Android, or iOS, your company messages can be archived.

Is Journaling a Feature on Non-Microsoft Products?

When searching for a mailbox to use as the journaling domain, it can be quite difficult to find exactly what you need. That is why there are many third-party email and data management experts who can help you achieve your goals.

No matter what email system you use, you should be able to integrate it smoothly into the journaling software. There may even be cloud support for programs like Microsoft Azure and data encryption to keep your saved messages even safer.

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Can Liquid Data Systems Help Me with My Journaling?

Yes, we certainly can! We specialize in data management of all kinds, including journaling and email archiving. If you are looking for a professional company to handle your journaling needs, we offer a whole range of benefits to help you.

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