How to Implement Public Folder Migration in Office 365

Having made the decision to migrate your public folders to Office 365, you need to now pick a solution which will best suit your business. Let’s find out how best to implement public folder migration in Office 365.

About Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering of their office suite package. It is fully comprehensive and allows you to do almost anything you need to when it comes to enacting business practices. Be it running up a word document, opening a public folder for a collaborative project, or journaling your emails, nothing is beyond your reach.

Through the email system, either Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Online depending on your preferences, you can prepare to migrate your public folders. Uploading your public folders to a cloud system like that offered by Exchange means that the information stored there will be accessible to anyone with the relevant credentials from any device they choose. This ultimately means that they will be able to continue to work on projects and other business matters no matter where they happen to be in the world.

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Is Public Folder Migration a Manual Process?

Whatever you do, you should not attempt to migrate your public folders manually. This can lead to some serious problems and even irretrievable data loss. Instead, you should look to find some automatic processes which are capable of transferring your public folders as you need them.

These programs are especially helpful as they can bypass certain requirements that you would otherwise have to take into account if you were the one attempting to move the data. For example, you need to disable the Public Folder source before you can begin to build the endpoint structure and migrate the content. For corporations with a lot of public data, this is unacceptable.

Be Wary of Downtime

If you find a service willing to help you with your public folder migration, you need to be wary of any potential downtime. You might need to go through it during the actual migration and this can lead to some expensive time lost and potential issues with clients.

It is possible to complete the Public Folder Migration process without or with limited downtime. If you have a lot of time-sensitive projects that could be thrown awry with unexpected downtime, seeking out one of these services which offer little to no downtime will be of great importance to you.

downtime with public folder migration

Consider Liquid Data Systems

Here at Liquid Data Systems, we specialize in a variety of different cloud and data management solutions including Public Folder Migration.

What’s more, we offer a seamless migration which will not affect your employees’ use of the public folders at all. This includes no downtime; allowing them to keep working without fear of losing time on the project or a piece of valuable data during the switch-over.

If you think Public Folder Migration to Microsoft 365 is right for you and your business, contact us today! You can even request a demo so we can give you full insight into what you can expect from us and our services.

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