Journaling – Are you journaling correctly in your business? Things you need to know.

Are you journaling correctly in your business?

This interesting term does not mean journaling in the same sense as the casual activity so loved by many people but a crucial part of data management. It can protect you from IT meltdowns which could otherwise seriously set your business back. Here is why journaling is so important to your business.

What Journaling Does

The journaling process is part of database maintenance. It enables you to keep a copy of every message ever sent or received from your computer. When coupled with cloud technology, you will need to have plenty of resources in place to help you recover any data that may be lost during a power outage or some similar event. A successful journal will in part help you to do this.

Why is Journaling Important?

Journaling allows you to keep tabs on a variety of different issues within your business. It keeps a copy of every file on your computer and so it can be a lifeline in the event something goes wrong.

Journaling - What it does

In the event of the unexpected, such as a computer being shut down suddenly, the journal can help repair the file during recovery. This can lead to you being able to recover part of an unsaved document which could be very important. You may have seen it in action when Microsoft Word crashes. Upon rebooting, the document may be able to be recovered and what you have written but not saved might not be lost.

Since journaling also keeps a copy of the data, it may also prove useful in a dispute with another party. If an email train has been lost, searching for the data fragments from journaling might be able to recover some of what is gone.

Implementing Journaling in Your Business

When used in conjunction with a cloud software such as Microsoft’s Azure, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is being kept safe and secure. Cloud software stores the data externally to the computer it originated from. Nearly all modern computers have some sort of access to a cloud network and people use them for data storage all around the world.

If you are able to store your journaling data on the cloud then it is much safer than saving it to the computer’s hard-drive. Mistakes and accidents happen all the time and if the hard-drive or computer become physically damaged then there may be little chance of recovering your data. However, if it is available on the cloud then you will be able to access it from another source. It won’t be lost and you won’t have to lose any time compensating for any setbacks.

Journaling can make all the difference to the way you store your company’s data. LiquidData offers comprehensive journaling solutions for businesses. If you wish to improve your data management, we can help you set up stable storage using Microsoft’s Azure system. Request a demo today and find out how we can help you.

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