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How to Elevate your business using cloud technology

Do you use cloud technologies in your business?

Many computers and smartphones nowadays have the capacity to connect to a variety of different cloud software each with their own advantages and disadvantages. There are many, many options available on the market from all the leading tech companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you require from it.

Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s offering, which is called Azure, and why we think your business can benefit from using it.

What are Microsoft Azure Cloud Technologies?

The cloud is a shorthand referral to cloud computing. This is when computers make use of external servers connected through the Internet for storing and moving data. It is a safe and secure way of managing your data and there are plenty of servers for both personal and professional usage. Anything can be stored on these servers from documents to videos and more. They can also range from 1GB to unlimited storage depending on how much you would need.

Why is Azure Cloud Technology Useful?

Cloud technologies are fantastic if you need to edit content or access data from outside your working space. It allows employees of the company to remain in touch with everything that is happening while being away from the office.

Azure cloud solutions

Saving your data to a cloud also has some fantastic benefits. For one, it is easier to manage your data. Instead of keeping it spread out between multiple hard-drives, it can be kept in one easily accessible place which you can use no matter where you happen to be.

You can even store your data across multiple clouds to help prevent any downtime in the event of cloud maintenance. Downtime can be expensive and unprofitable for businesses and can be extremely bad if you are required to meet deadlines. Spreading your work through multiple servers and clouds allows you to keep working even if you do not have access to all of your information.

How does Microsoft Azure Work?

The system has been overhauled and digitized so you have access to any information you need with a quick search. Firstly, everything needs to be entered into the eDiscovery database. This can include anything produced by the Office 365 suite, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Exchange Online mailboxes, and Skype conversations. Microsoft has truly made sure that this service is optimized for all of their services. As one of the world’s most popular operating systems, it would make sense for them to ensure that their services are all fully compatible with one another.

With all of this information correctly digitized, it is ready to be viewed. When someone wishes to make an inquiry, they simply open eDiscovery and enter a keyword. This keyword will be searched through everything in the database and all the relevant documents will be flagged; allowing for the inquirer to then search through them individually.

For example, if a lawyer entered a search for “identity theft”, every document in the system with that term would be flagged for further search. This means that someone doesn’t have to search through all the unrelated material like you would have had to once upon a time. It cuts down on a lot of the simple recovery phase and allows you to work on analysis faster.

Why Your Business Can Benefit from Azure Cloud Solutions

In addition to ease of access, there are many reasons why your business should make the switch from traditional servers to cloud technologies. A quick data assessment is all you need to find out how a cloud system would be best implemented to help your business.

It is cheaper than hosting on-site servers and can be scaled to suit any business. Whether you are looking to expand from 20 to 100 employees rapidly or just want to be able to manage high volumes of traffic at certain times of the year, a cloud allows you to easily scale to whatever size you need.

The accessibility also functions as a cost-saving measure as you will not need as much office space. If you and your employees can work remotely, you might not even have to pay for office space at all and yet you will remain as connected and as well-functioning as any other team.

The cloud offers some brilliant cybersecurity although you do still need to know how to protect your data. In the event of a breach, you can move your data quickly from a remote location or delete it if needs be. It is a fantastic tool which can keep you in full control of your remote data at all times.

Learning about Azure for cloud storage

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s answer to the cloud demand is Azure. If you are looking for a cloud software to use in your business, Azure is a fantastic option. As it is backed by Microsoft, you know that it is one of the most secure options out there since it is coming from a reputable, worldwide company. Any security issue you have is going to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by their round-the-clock technicians.

It can easily be scaled depending on your needs and is also fantastic when it comes to backing up your data and restoring it after a disaster. If you need a reliable option, Azure is always going to help you out.

One of the best advantages of Azure is its flexibility. If you have existing server space in your building, you can combine them with Azure for maximum benefit; something you won’t find with many other online cloud solutions.

If you are looking for one of the best cloud systems for your company, you cannot go wrong with Azure.

How We Can Help

Here at LiquidData, we specialize in personalized Azure solutions. No matter what your business needs may be, we can streamline your data management and help you reach your full potential. We can save you money while leaving you in full and secure control of your data at all times. If you wish to request a demo or you would like to know more about what we could offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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