Onboarding Services for Your Data Migration

Migration Experts Assess, Recommend and Manage Mail, Archive and Data Migrations

Cloud Onboarding Solutions to Move Your Data to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

LiquidData Migration Experts will assess your current environment and make recommendations to move your mail, legacy archive, public folders, PST and other files to Microsoft cloud platforms. We’ll provide recommendations for solutions that fit your specific needs offering the industry’s top migration solutions.   

Solutions We Offer

Office 365 / Azure Deployment​


LiquidData provides the technical resources and Microsoft partner solutions to identify and validate the health and readiness of your existing environment. This process provides a clear path and better understanding of your current environment for the best method for migrating to Office 365. We know what it takes and can identify the tasks that must be remediated prior to your implementation and migration to Office 365.


LiquidData uses the fastest, most accurate tools designed on the market for migrating email archives from legacy platforms like EAS, EV, EmailXtender and SourceOne. When planning your legacy application retirement let us provide the proven migration solution, with the support services to assure that the migration runs smoothly and meets your business needs. Our solutions require minimal changes for your end-users and offer seamless migrations. Our archive and migration experts offer strategic options as you plan for your future archive environment!


Migrating Public Folders is not the same as migrating a user mailbox. Most migration methodologies require that the Public Folder source is disabled prior to building the Public Folder structure at the destination and migrating the content. For most organizations, that’s not acceptable and results in downtime and very poor end-user experience. LiduidData can migrate your Public Folders seamlessly with the latest and most innovative solution, allowing you to discover and understand your Public Folder hierarchy before you migrate. This means no user downtime!


One of the most common migrations within the Microsoft world, is an Exchange to Office 365 migration. One of the key aspects to every Exchange migration is creating a project flow that enacts a staged server migration. This process allows for a seamless transition with zero downtime for users in your organization.


Many organizations have historically utilized PST files as a way of storing and archiving emails from Outlook. Housing PSTs often makes it hard to discover and find the information required for eDiscovery or search purposes. LiquidData can easily help recover and migrate your PSTs to Office 365.


When migrating SharePoint to Office 365 it is essential to determine what content you want to migrate and then identify what’s the most efficient, easy way to move it. In most instances, migrating SharePoint involves moving a current version of SharePoint and third-party applications, which are important considerations, especially when moving older on-premise versions of SharePoint. LiquidData can help determine what is required for your SharePoint environment before proceeding to migrate to Office 365 or Azure, depending on the defined business goals for your organization.


Many organizations do not fully understand the complicated architecture of Centera. With limited knowledge on how data is written or retrieved, it is difficult to understand how to migrate across or out of Centera devices once they’ve reached their end of service life. We can help you migrate from your current Centera device to a newer generation Centera, or to an alternative storage platform quickly and accurately with limited disruption to your archiving and operational performance. Our Centera migration service provides a complete audit trail throughout, while maintaining your chain of custody requirements to keep your organization compliant.

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