Racing to the Cloud: Intelligence Wins

Moving and managing all your unstructured data to the cloud is like preparing for the Indy 500 Race!

At the Indy 500 you witness the best in class drivers and teams in action. And it’s more than just speed that brings a driver over the finish line first. Winning a race results from many of the elements that take place behind the scenes, before and during the race. Race team pit crews are required to balance the use of their resources across many parameters, collectively and dynamically. Through preparation, planning and having the right tools, the team’s actions become fast and accurate, both equally important.

The same is true when it comes to preparing for storing your data in the cloud. You want to make sure your data is prepared and stored intelligently to create a winning storage infrastructure that produces the results you’re looking to achieve.  

Intelligent cloud archiving can produce winning results for your teams.

How can you leverage your organization’s information to not only address legal, and regulatory concerns but also turn your information into an invaluable business intelligence source?

Here are some of the key features to look for in an intelligent cloud archiving solution:

Intelligent Data Storage – stores data in its’ true, native format, including metadata, that enables you to harness the data and leverage cloud efficiencies

Meets Compliance – manages archived compliance data to meet various government and professional regulations to include data retention and disposition, powerful reporting and audit, and immutable storage

Secure Data Access – manages all your data through a single, consolidated and legally compliant enterprise archive that automatically enforces secure, user access control, powerful encryption, and identity management that reduces the risk of breach and maintains control over your encryption keys and passwords

Ensure Minimal Legal Risk – can manage eDiscovery cases with wide-ranging collection, legal hold, culling, review, tagging and legally defensible export in several industry data formats to ensure timely and complete response to eDiscovery orders

Powerful Search and Analysis – enables secure and customizable indexing and intelligent search with powerful data analysis that will analyze large datasets to recognize data trends and avoid risks

Regulatory Retention – the ability to create automated retention and disposition policies to manage your archived content for regulatory and legal compliance

Let us get you past the finish line – now!

LiquidData provides intelligent cloud archiving and data management solutions that enable your teams to reach the full value of your information assets. See how to win with cloud archiving in Azure – ask for a demo.  sales@liquiddata.com

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