Tips and Tricks for Journaling in Office 365

Journaling can be a confusing process to get your head around. Read here to find out all the tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of it. 

Journaling is one of the most important things you can set up for your online interactions. It will protect you from a whole host of different problems and can help you if you ever have to face a former client in court. If you are not already implementing journaling in your business, here are some handy tips and tricks so you can ensure that you are taking the fullest advantage of it.

Tip #1: Prioritize

Depending on the size of your company, it may be wise to prioritise whose emails are journaled and whose are not. In a massive corporation, there may be hundreds of employees spread between several locations. Archiving every email they have would take a lot of resources that you may not necessarily have. Therefore, it may be worth archiving only the emails of the senior partners or managers. They will be the ones who are most likely to interact directly with the important clients.

Journaling will also save any and all communications that pass through the party whose emails are being journaled. Therefore, it might not be necessary to save everyone’s in an attempt to avoid the duplication of materials and to be a little more economical with your inbox’s space.

If you do choose to include all employees then you need to ensure that your journaling domain has enough storage. Hundreds of emails can be sent to and from your networks every day and the storage space can fill up a lot faster than you think it might.

Tip #2: Focus on Properly Setting up Office 365 Journaling

Setting up Office 365 Journaling may initially appear confusing but it is extremely easy for you to set up in your business.

So long as you have access to the Microsoft Exchange Online portal, you can do it. This can be bought separately if you do not want to use Office 365 or it is included as part of the overall package.

You then need to head to the compliance settings within the Exchange Center. Here you will find various settings such as the mailbox domains you wish to use. These will include all mailboxes you wish to journal from as well as the domain you wish to send the archive reports to.

tricks for office 365 journaling

This domain must be completely separate from the ones you wish to record. There are many third-party developers who offer journaling and data management solutions such as public folder migration. In addition to smoothing any concerns you may have about journaling, they can also offer encryption and cloud support so you know that your data will be remaining safe at all times.

Tip #3: Communicate!

When you are using a system which has journaling activated, it is extremely important that you use it as you would use any other email system. What’s more, it is imperative that you send all work-related emails through this one and not through any personal accounts.

In the event that emails need to be submitted as evidence in court, ones sent from personal accounts may be irretrievable. However, ones from journaled accounts will have been saved and will be able to be retrieved. You must put yourself into the practice of using your accounts which will have journaling for all important matters; you never know when it could help you out.

For example, if a lawyer entered a search for “identity theft”, every document in the system with that term would be flagged for further search. This means that someone doesn’t have to search through all the unrelated material like you would have had to once upon a time. It cuts down on a lot of the simple recovery phase and allows you to work on analysis faster.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Worry Free Journaling

One of the most important reasons why you will have journaling is to free up space in your everyday inbox. You need to have trust that the journaling process has been correctly enabled by your IT professionals and any third-party mailboxes who are acting as storage for you.

Journaling helps to keep your inbox free as any important emails do not have to be saved. You have to get yourself into the correct, trusting mindset so you know that you have full control over your email system. With this in hand, you will be able to approach your mailbox with a positive and stress-free mindset. Professional emails can be a source of a great deal of stress and anxiety so learning how to beat it will only help you.

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Final Thoughts

LiquidData Systems specializes in helping clients of all backgrounds implement data management strategies which can truly help their businesses achieve new heights. One such strategy is to use journaling. When properly utilized, it will act as a safety net that will help to protect your business from a whole range of problems including challenges or disputes in a courtroom setting.

If you would like to know more about how journaling can help your business, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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