What is Microsoft Exchange Online?

If you are searching for a new email management system for your business, look no further than Microsoft Exchange Online.

Are you a business owner who is annoyed with their current email system?

Many programes can start out as great options but, as your business begins to expand, you will notice that you might not be able to keep up and your email inbox begins to impact upon the way you complete your work.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is switch to another email browser. We suggest Microsoft Exchange Online.

What Email System are You Currently Using?

When initially setting up your business email, you may have chosen to use a free service such as Gmail or Outlook. These are great in the beginning but, as your business expands, they begin to become a little inadequate. They may be limited in inbox space or in the size of documents that you are able to send.

They also do not easily allow emails to be routed through your own domain name. Anyone attempting to conduct business on behalf of a company might look unprofessional if they are instead handing over what looks like a personal email address.

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Overall, they will limit your business and might make you appear unprofessional to potential customers and clients. You must always be aware of the presence of your business as a whole; one small upset like this could cause someone to turn away and go to a competitor.

Why You Should Switch to Microsoft Exchange online

Moving to Microsoft Exchange Online can help solve many of these problems you are facing. It offers a cloud format which will expand with your business so you are never faced with problems with inbox capacity amongst a whole host of other benefits.

Cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure are one of the most exciting innovations to hit the mainstream in a very long time and you should definitely be taking advantage of them for your business. Cloud for Business will allow you to store your data entirely online and access it from anywhere in the world. This could prove invaluable to a whole range of different businesses and employees. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why you should make the switch to Microsoft Exchange Online today.

Improved Functionality of Microsoft Exchange

If you find that your current email system is clunky and difficult to use, you should definitely consider making the switch to Microsoft Exchange Online. It is incredibly intuitive whether you are attempting to send an email or search through your inbox for a specific one.

There is also a whole raft of features to keep you and your business spam free. Instead of letting your inbox become clogged with junk and spam, Microsoft Exchange Online will only let through the emails which you need to see.

Finally, since it is part of Microsoft’s cloud technologies, it is fully accessible no matter where you happen to be. It is a great way to stay fully connected to your business even if you are away on a long-distance trip.

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What Security does Microsoft Exchange Online offer?

Another advantage of using Microsoft Exchange Online is the improved security you will get. Microsoft has done everything in their power to make these new innovations as safe as possible. When moving so much data onto the internet, there is the risk that some of it could be leaked or lost.

Microsoft has the necessary funds and expertise to keep their security in the top ranks. There is nothing you can do to make your data as safe as it will be with them. What’s more, if something does go wrong, they have the skills and the resources to recover it as quickly as you need them to. With help available 24/7, no time is a bad time to contact them with a problem.

More Cost-Effective (Servers are expensive!)

Servers are expensive. There is no doubt about that. Even if you are not hosting a server on your company’s property, you may be paying for server space somewhere or paying for additional storage in your inbox. If you are hosting servers, you will need to pay utilities and upkeep for them along with a salary for a dedicated IT server technician.

Moving onto Microsoft Exchange Online’s cloud eliminates these extra costs. You will notice a significant drop in bills when you switch to the cloud services; capital which can then be directed to other, more deserving areas of your business.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it. No matter what your business happens to be, you will only benefit from being able to switch to the Microsoft Exchange Online system. The system is so much easier to use and the extra functionalities will help any task you need to complete fly past with much more ease.

Liquid Data Systems can help you reach your full online potential. If you wish to find out how you can best benefit from updating to cloud software and more, please contact us for a demo today.

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