Why Do You Need to Migrate Your Public Folders?

Public Folder Migration might seem like one of those unnecessary processes that will only hamper you business, but it could help you out massively.

Communication is key within your business. Quick and informative messages need to be exchanged constantly and you do not want to be left waiting around for information to arrive. You must always be looking for new ways to upgrade your communication systems so you are always on top. One such way you can do this is through Public Folder Migration.

What is a Public Folder?

A public folder is a folder on the network which has been created specifically to share information with others. It is a fantastic tool for colleagues to use as it allows them all access to data regarding a project while simultaneously allowing them to collaborate on it.

Despite being classed as a public folder, there are still some security options you can put in place to ensure any sensitive data inside is well-protected. The owner of the folder will be able to add privilege settings so only certain people will be able to access it. This is a good way of ensuring that only the right people have access to your projects and minimizes the risk of data being misplaced or lost.

Why You Need to Use Public Folder Migration

If you have a system that works, you could be forgiven for not wanting to replace it. Replacing a perfectly functioning system with another can seem pointless but keeping your public folders onsite might not be as perfect as you have initially thought.

It means that you are hosting important information on the local company servers; meaning that you are at risk of losing it from attackers or breaches or even accidentally during power loss.

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You may also think that going to a third party is unnecessary or will use up valuable time and resources. This is not the case with Liquid Data Systems. We pride ourselves on being able to handle your data in a truly efficient manner which will set you up in precisely the right way to continue your business as usual.

What Are the Benefits of Public Folder Migration?

There are many benefits of public folder migration and they will undoubtedly improve your business practices ten-fold.

The first benefit is that the public folders are accessed entirely through Microsoft Outlook after migration. This means that they can be accessed anywhere the employee can use their Microsoft Outlook account; including out of office.

With out of office access, an employee can continue to work on their projects during travel or other downtime at full efficiency and with no security risk. It is an amazing benefit which everyone needs to consider when planning how to move the company forward.

If you have not yet considered Cloud for Business and other out of office access solutions, you should definitely start looking into them today. Microsoft Azure is one of the best in the industry and will be able to provide you with everything you need.

Another amazing benefit of public folder migration is that everything will remain the same after the migration has taken place.

So often when swapping regimes, we need to fully acclimatize to the new one and learn how to use it. This is not the case with public folder migration.

When deployed correctly, you should be able to log on and see everything laid out in a very familiar and easy-to-learn format. Therefore, you do not have to waste any time on a retraining schedule as your employees should feel comfortable enough to pick up the new system exactly where the old one left off. It is important to think of public folder migration as the next step along the path instead of a redirect down a new route.

Finally, public folder migration is incredibly important as it allows for the continued use of a communal effort for projects and other business matters. By allowing employees to come together to work directly on these, you will cut down on the sheer number of messages which are sent back and forth by different users.

It is so easy to set up a public folder and migrating it to an online server like Microsoft Outlook is the next logical step to this process. You will be able to maintain the collaborative methods you know and love so well while ensuring that they are hosted by the best possible software and security.

What eDiscovery can do for groups

What Are You Waiting For?

What’s more, eDiscovery has a function which allows more than one person to work on a case. You can create one singular point to gather the information in and then assign different people to either be able to compile the information or merely read through it. It is a fantastic tool that is not only straightforward to use but collaborative too.

By combining this with the right Cloud system such as Microsoft’s Azure, you will be able to work together on any project no matter where they are. Every company should make use of cloud technologies for a whole host of other reasons, but they become especially prevalent when combined with the eDiscovery service. No matter how far apart you and your team are in the world, you will be able to make use of these services to compile your cases and work together towards a resolution.

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